Hello, and welcome to small, quiet, pretty: a place of calm in a noisy world. Let’s take time out to appreciate the little things in life (which are really the big things, aren’t they?!) and be inspired by the things we make, dream of and hope for. My name is Meryl. I like thinking, making, writing, baking, walking and yoga, and about a zillion other things. I have a passion for words and can say not very useful things in several languages.  If you need to know the Danish word for roller-skates or the Japanese word for ice-cream, I’m your gal. If you want to have a conversation in either of those languages, perhaps ask someone else! I appreciate the absurdities of life. I’m bowled over every day by the exquisite colours of nature. I live in Canberra and consider it to be Australia’s best kept secret.  It’s lovely to meet you. I hope you’ll pop in often.

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Lovely to meet you. I agree the little things really are the big things and taking time out is often the time where we truly are alive.

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  2. hi meryl – how lovely to meet you and your beautiful blog – beth

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  3. Nice! I love your description of yourself! Sounds a lot like me…except for the languages part! That’s just still a goal ~ Lynn

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  4. Hello! This is a lovely place you’ve made. I wrote a rather long comment on one of your wonderful posts, but I think it disappeared.

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    • Hello, Melita! Thank you. I’m sorry your comment disappeared. I’ve changed the comment setting now so that people have more time to comment. Would love to hear your thoughts if you feel like rewriting your comment!! (Or just email me if it doesn’t work…)


  5. Hello! I just adore your About page and your description of yourself! And the picture is just divine – it looks very quiet and very pretty! 🙂

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