Hello!  How has your week been? We’re getting towards the pointy end of the year, aren’t we? Life seems to be speeding up and everyone’s busy. Someone told me that a major department store had its Christmas decorations up this week. Do you see me pulling a face and making a gagging sound? Yes, you do. Retailers, it’s still October. Cool it.

This week I came home to the small, quiet, pretty house to find a garden in full bloom. When I left it a few weeks ago there were notes of spring, but now she’s in full swing. What a change! I’m very grateful to the former owner for planting so many white flowers. The whole back garden is green and white. It’s the absolute last word in relaxation to sit out there and just stare at a green and white garden, in sunlight and in shadow. There’s a fair bit in the front garden too, with hints of scarlet and purple just to mix it up a bit. So I won’t talk anymore here. I’ll just share some of the pictures so that you can relax too.

First up is intoxicating jasmine. Breathe in and swoon:IMG_3542Then there are two unknown (to me) but very pretty white shrubs. If you know what they are, please tell me: IMG_3543IMG_3548Here’s a gorgeously showy rhododendron:img_3549-e1509259090177.jpgAnd a dainty dogwood:IMG_3555IMG_3551Last, but never least, the happy, humble daisy. May it spread all over the garden:IMG_3553


Have a green and pleasant week, my friends.